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Why should I join an MLM business? 
Multi-Level Marketing business or simply MLM is fast becoming a trend in the Philippines with a lot of individuals from all walks of life getting involved in it. The conception of MLM business in the country is considered a phenomenon because of the primary benefits each member can get from its products as well as the financial advantage they can gain from joining in this business.

How legitimate is MLM industry is? 
Statistics from Malaysia’s Trade Ministry have shown that Malaysia is one of the countries around the world that have turned in Billion US Dollars annually from the MLM industry alone. MLM products are so pervasive that you can hardly escape from being involved in this industry one way or another. As such, the wise move for you is to jump into the bandwagon and start reaping the benefits of your membership. You will gain much wealth, health and friends from your network.

Where did DXN originate? 
DXN was formally launched in Malaysia in December 1993. There are over 160 international branches and main stockists worldwide to date. It is a member of Direct-Selling Association of Malaysia. In 1999, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer Dr. Lim Siow Jin brought DXN to Philippines. As of May 2012, the Philippines already has 300 Service Centers nationwide that cater to the needs of our distributors from Metro Manila, Luzon, Visayas and as far as Mindanao.

Why should I choose DXN?
The growth and life span of any company lies in the strength of its products. The flagship product of DXN – the Reisho Gano (RG) & Ganocelium (GL) – is a superior health food products catering to the ever-increasing demands of this health-conscious world. The efficacy of these products alone is proven through many testimonies received from our 5 million consumers based worldwide. RG and GL is a record-breaking products. These products have benefited and helped many people. And on top of enjoying a healthy life because of DXN products, members are assured of lucrative bonuses. The assurance of an excellent product with growing awareness and steady demands, together with a committed company mission holds many promises for an investment that you can be proud of.

What DXN Could Offer To You And Your Family?
  1. Life-Time Good Health.
  2. Time Freedom & Financial Freedom.
  3. You also help other people by selling the product and letting other people join your network.
  4. You help other people by sharing your business skills and entrepreneurial knowledge.
  5. You are the boss of your own business, you work on your own time.
  6. When you join DXN, you will meet successful people, DXN will train you for free.
  7. Earning is not complicated and marketing plan is simple, you can sponsor as many as you want, no bias.
  8. Your membership is recognized worldwide,it can be inherited to your next kin.
  9. You don´t have to worry because the company is very stable and growing in market size.
  10. All the products are safe and the company is legal.
Why should I join a MLM business?
There are many valid reasons! However, without a strong motivation, - one is likely to quit easily.

Therefore, find the right reasons to support your own decisions.

But, what are the reasons?

Whether you like it or not, you are likely to find that some products in your household are from various MLM companies. These products could be your bath foam, laundry powder, beverages, health food supplements, etc.

MLM products are so prevalent now that you could hardly avoid getting involved in this industry.

Thus, a wise move for you is to jump on the bandwagon and start reaping the manifold benefits of an MLM membership.

YB Datuk Hj. Mohd Shafie Bin Hj. Apdal, Minister of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs said,

 "Many engaged in this business activity have found direct selling to be a rewarding way to improve their quality of life, reach specific earnings objective, facilitate social contacts and sell products in which they have confidence.
 (Source: Direct Selling Conference 2007)
Act now! Gain wealth, health and friends from your MLM business and network!

Why should I choose DXN for my MLM business?
DXN offers you strategic marketing plans, quality products, good services, rewarding compensation schemes etc. At DXN, you are always our priority.

Besides, DXN emphasizes the acquisition of knowledge in order to enhance our services to our business partners, with whom DXN continues to grow.

We always keep the interests of our business partners in mind. Our mission is to help you achieve success in life.

Is your compensation scheme profitable?
Apart from our very attractive bonus plan, our marketing concept of "One World, One Market" prepares a way for you to penetrate the international market. A single membership with DXN enables you to establish your business anywhere around the world.

DXN has established its foothold in more than 100 countries. It aims to expand its territory to 150 countries by year 2010. To date, our aggressive leadership has paved the way into markets like Indonesia, Brunei, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Australia, India, the Philippines, the USA, Bangladesh, Mauritius, Sri Lanka etc.

A testimony for this comes from one Filipino who works in Hong Kong as a maid, and concurrently receives lucrative bonuses from the Philippines. Another instance would be our leader from Seremban, Negeri Sembilan in Malaysia, who receives lucrative bonuses from India. You can be assured that every bit of your effort will be recognized and accounted for.

So, you have huge market and profitable business?
Our commitment to maintain our competitiveness by providing high quality products at low prices is evident.

We have invested millions of Ringgit in the end-to-end infrastructure required under our "One Dragon" concept, e.g. cultivation, manufacturing and marketing.

With this level of independence, we are free from the fluctuating influences caused by middlemen. Accordingly, we are able to consistently supply products of the highest quality to our members. 

An excellent product generates its own demand in the market at all times. You are not the first person to know of RG & GL and you will not be the last either. Many in the world have yet to know of RG & GL and are waiting for you to tell them about the good news.

As long as you want to pursue this business, you can be confident that DXN will always be with you. Rest assured that this is a long term business for you that will last for a lifetime.

What should I do now?
Fill up the distributor application form and submit it to your introducer to enjoy the membership. You will receive a free set of RG 30 upon enrollment. Try the product yourself! Next, consume a product that sells easily like the Lingzhi Coffee and start selling that. This will help you to get started on your PV accumulation.

But, what is the prospect of the direct selling company?
Statistics from Ministry of Domestic Trade & Consumer Affairs have shown that Malaysia is one of the 14 countries in the world that have a turnover of 1.74 billion USD annually from the MLM industry alone.

The value of the direct selling industry in Malaysia was RM6.6 billion in 2005. The prospect for this industry is promising, with a 24.3% annual growth. The most popular mode of the direct selling business is the multi-level marketing, with most companies dealing in herbal products and health supplements. (Source: Direct Selling Conference 2007).

The World Federation of Direct Selling Associations (WFDSA) currently ranks Malaysia as the 11th largest direct selling market in the world. 
(Source: Ministry of Domestic Trade & Consumer Affairs)

Why DXN should be my choice?
  • A leading international network marketing organisation.
  • A debt-free company.
  • A company that ensures better health, financial independence and personal achievement hence ensuring a higher quality of life.
  • The first network marketing organisation that has implemented the concept of "One World One Market".
  • Majority of our products are developed in-house.
  • Professional management team.
  • A company that offers you systematic and unique training.

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