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Why should anyone choose MLM as a Business Opportunity? The simple reason is that a MLM (Multi Level Marketing, aka Network Marketing) Business, is probably the most lucrative business opportunity in the world today. It creates more millionaires every year, than any other industry.

Anyone can get started in MLM with an initial start-up fee of around $400 or less, depending on the company you choose to join. The most important thing however, is the amount of money you can make from succeeding in a multi level company, compared to your cost of joining.

Like everything in life, starting your network marketing business does not guarantee that you will succeed. In fact, the failure rate is extremely higher than the success rate. Most members quit in their first 3 months of joining.

The reason why most people quit at an early stage is because they have the mentality that MLM is a “get rich quick” program, so they expect immediate results. Multi level marketing is NOT a get rich quick system. On the contrary, you need time and a burning desire to be successful. A big factor for failure is that due to the low cost of the start-up fee, people tend to NOT treat this business seriously.


A lot of people refer to Network Marketing as “pyramid” schemes, where only the members at the top make all the money.

So, do multi level marketing companies work on a pyramid based scheme?

My personal view to that is “Yes”, but isn’t almost every organization based on this same method?

What difference is there to any corporate organization? The man at the “top” is always earning much more than the guy at the other end. The difference here however, is that in Network Marketing, everyone starts at the bottom, and anyone can reach to the top. In some compensation plans of multi level companies, it is very common where someone earns more money than the person on top of him.

One of many reasons why I give a big “thumbs up” for anyone to choose MLM as a business opportunity, is because the people involved in these companies have a positive attitude. They are optimistic and energetic, and are always finding ways to improve themselves. If you want to feel this positive energy, you need to be around these kind of people and remove yourself from negative crowds.


In the corporate world, employees and managers alike, seem to be at war all the time amongst themselves, fighting for that higher position that would bring them that extra increase in salary.

In MLM companies, the members help each other, since if you perform well and get results, then your sponsor will benefit, and his sponsor, and so on. Therefore you never feel left alone, unless of course it is your choice. Team work is the key to success in multi level organizations.

Nowadays there is a growing debate as to whether when you choose MLM as a business, you should leave the “old school” marketing method, and move on to other sources of marketing such as the internet.

The old school method, being that you should write down your list of family members, friends, and any other people you have any contact with in order to sell your products, and/or recruit new representatives.

My personal opinion is that you should use BOTH methods.

Before you can pass on information via the internet concerning your MLM company and its products, you need to “experience” the advantages but also the difficulties someone might face by using the most common “old school” methods.

To conclude, having your own Network Marketing business is a great way to become an entrepreneur and be your own boss. With a lot of work and self desire, you can generate a passive but also a residual income, where you will continue to benefit from work that you have done before in the past.

If you choose MLM as a source of income, you control where and when you work, and once you receive a substantial residual income, you can work less hours, or even completely walk away, but still be paid residual income each and every month.


The Network Marketing industry has been around for over 60 years and everyone is looking for a few key MLM Secrets. Many people will get involved with a great company, work at it for a few months and then just quit because they just have not found the right ingredients or the right people for that matter, to give them those ingredients for a successful business.


Because Personal Development is what drives the other 3 sections to success. Even though when building my website, I was taught to keep my niche to one subject, I just couldn’t help myself because I saw a connection between the above topics. But the key to all secrets, including the MLM secrets, is Personal Development.

Let me get straight to the point of this article and explain to you my personal MLM secrets that I have come across during my journey in the Network Marketing Business, and you will be able to see for yourself, that you can relate these secrets with anything that you decide to do in life.

1. Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone – Unfortunately for some, the pleasure of staying in the comfort zone is greater than the pain of taking action. This first MLM secret is to get out of your comfort zone. This means you are going to do things you don’t want to do like showing your friends and family your new business and knowing that the majority wouldn't care less about it, and give you a straight upright “No” before you even finish your presentation.

Advice – Get over it!!! Having the correct mindset will make you understand that there will always be more “no’s” than “Yes’s” because that’s the way it is. You can’t change it, just move on.

2. Choose The Right Company – Even though at the end of the day the people you will talk to will join your business opportunity, not because of your company or your companys products, but because of YOU. However, I have found that in order to have a clear conscience and promote my company and its products, I must first believe in that company.

Advice – Do your research!!! On this point however, I personally did the opposite – I joined up, then I researched about the company. I joined up because I believed in my sponsor (a lifetime friend of mine) who believed in the company including its products, compensation plan, training and of course the other members. After joining up, and 3 months of hard research, I finally decided to start action because I knew the company was the right one for me. It proved that my friend and sponsor did do me a favor after all – Cheers Alex !!!

3. Hang Around With The Right People – At first, when I joined my Network Marketing Company, the first impression I got was “these people are brainwashed!!!”. I’m sure you might have had the same experience at first if you have ever been to a Network Marketing Company’s training or get-together. However, getting to know the other members made me feel a buzz that I couldn't explain.

These were ordinary people with huge dreams, so basically - who was I to judge them? When you are around these people you feel the positive energy and you forget about problems you may have. This will help you clear your mind and focus on your own dreams and how far you want to take them.

Advice – Hang around with positive thinkers as much as possible. They are not “Dream Takers” they are “Dream Builders” who want your success in order for themselves to be successful as well. This is the beauty of network marketing – people need to help each other in order for everyone to progress.

4. Treat It Like A Million Dollar Business – One of the major setbacks of Network Marketing is that you can join with a small fee. This factor can have a psychological negative effect on you and your business since you might not treat it with respect.

Advice – One of the things I learned in one of my company's training's was that if I took out a loan with my bank for $1,000,000 to open up a business, what would I do to make that business succeed? The answer is simple – show up every day and work my butt off to succeed or else I am doomed to fail. Do the same for your Network Marketing Business!!!

5. Use up-to-date Technology – Staying in the dark ages and not using technology will keep you from true success in Network Marketing. Their will be a time when you run out of warm market, friends and family to talk to. Then you must use the technology to generate more leads you can prospect into your business.

Advice - The Internet has given us the greatest tool to communicate with the world. Use it to your advantage with the MLM secrets explained above and build a huge MLM organization.

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