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  • Emma & Noel Coronel
Rags to Riches

"Rags to Riches" This is how I describe the life of these successful couples of DXN Philippines. Be inspired and be motivated by their story, Here it is:

Stay focus, never stop learning and always attend training

The life story of Noel and Emma Coronel is truly one of the most touching ones. As they describe it, they were practically living their lives the one-scratch-one-meal way until they found good health and financial freedom through the generous marketing plan of DXN.

Noel used to be a stock-man. He also ventured into selling sinangagmatamis na bao, and even tried door-to-door VHS selling while Emma was a factory worker - sewing bags.

Life was pretty tough back then. There was one point that Noel even attempted to sell his blood just to get P200 in return, though he was rejected because he was not a regular donor.

That was until Carmelita Mangaya introduced Noel and Emma to DXN. From the start, the couple saw the potentials of committing themselves to this business, and that was why they immediately devoted their time to it.

Noel and Emma related that at first, however, it was not easy, “It was difficult at first. Some are cynical and even relatives do not believe.”

With their commitment, dedication and perseverance, it did not take long before they started to reap the fruits of their labour. In the first month, they received P4,000, twice as much as what Emma was receiving from her work in the factory. That really helped them to believe in the business.

Their earnings hiked up rapidly the following months. They managed to buy a house and a car. Soon afterwards, they reached the Crown Diamond status. The couple noted that “Since 1995, when we got married we can’t even afford to buy a sala set,” but while in DXN they managed to buy more than that.

Noel and Emma's advice to aspiring-distributors, “Don't stop dreaming to the point that you also need to strive hard and do something. Stay focus, never stop learning and always attend trainings. That is the cross you need to carry. And later on such cross will be your bridge to success.”

“When you know what you are doing and you are on the right direction, right company, there is no impossible, you’ll become successful. What is the right company? For us, it’s none other than our beloved DXN International,” they noted.



Chronic Kidney Disease

The main function of the kidneys is to remove wastes and excess water from the body. The kidney also balances the chemicals in our body, releasing hormones, helps control blood pressure, helps produce red blood cells and also helps produces vitamin D to maintain strong bones.
What causes the kidneys to malfunctions?
There are diseases and conditions that can damage the kidneys like problems with arteries, taking medications or drugs, toxic chemicals, lack of water intake, diabetes, high-blood pressure and too much eating of salty and fatty foods. 
Story of Dra. Cathy Beldia, about her fight against Chronic Kidney Disease
Here is another testimonial for Dra. Cathy Beldia, a dentist that has been diagnosed by her doctor of Chronic Kidney Disease stage 5. It is a condition where the kidneys losses its functions that leads to a buildup of fluid and waste products in the body. The symptoms of this are feeling of illness and fatigue, dry skin, headaches, weight loss, appetite loss, and Nausea.
Dra. Beldia has gone thru a series of dialysis; two tubes were embedded in the upper right of the chest to allow blood to flow through the machine for filtering. This procedure was designed to eliminate the harmful wastes and keep the proper balance of chemicals in her body, it is done twice a week. 
DXN Products were introduced to her by Marlene Formaran.

Dra. Beldia took 10-15 pairs of RG/GL capsules, 12 Spirulina tablets, 4-6 Cordyceps tablets, Roselle juice and Spica tea per day, together with her medication. After several days of taking the DXN Products, she noticed a big change in her body her creatinine level starts to normalize. Dra. Cathy Beldia is now in good condition and great shape.
Obesity and Complications No More!
High Blood Pressure, Arthritis, Headaches - Dizziness was Gone!



Recovered from Stroke in Just One (1) Week!


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