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Top 13 Benefits of DXN Spirulina


Thirteen Benefits Of Spirulina
1. Lower the cholesterol
Less than 5 % of the algae is fat, therefore the algae doesn't make you fat. The lipids that contain are fundamentally polyunsaturated fatty. 
These acids promote the permeability of the cell membranes, carry the cholesterol by preventing the formation of plates of atheroma and stimulates the formation of lymphocytes.
2. Neutralize the effects of pollution
Thanks to the alginic acid that they contain, able to fight the toxins, facilitating the removal of the pollutants, vegetable radioactive and toxic.
3. Rich In Vitamin B12
So the vegetarians, people with leukemia anaemic, and who have suffered or are suffering from cancer should take them to avoid shortcomings and in addition to providing a pure protein, no toxins.
Spirulina for example is more rich in proteins that meat, eggs, soy, or fish. These proteins are valuable, as they contain a large number of essential amino acids, which is to say, those that our body cannot synthesize but must assimilate through the food. These amino acids are easy to digest because of the composition of the algae rich in minerals and enzymes.
4. Help control hypertension
They are rich in minerals, which also are balanced. That is why they are regulating the cardiovascular system.
5. It is ideal for people who suffer from diabetes
Some algae are sweet; this is due to the fact that they contain two sugars: the mannitol and fruitful, but its glycemic index is low, so it will not increase the level of sugar in the blood.
6. Clean the intestine
They are rich in alginic acid, which absorbs toxins in the wall of the colon and allows its elimination in natural form.
7. Helps the respiratory system.
The Mucilages helps to relieve colds and flu softening the secretions and therefore fighting against the cough.
8. Will cover the daily requirement of iron
Spirulina, in particular, contains more iron than any other vegetable: 6 times more than the vegetables and complete and 10 times more than the spinach.
9. Decrease anxiety
The Algae are rich in b vitamins, especially in b6 essential for the nerves. The sweet seaweed is very rich in potassium and magnesium that are relaxing effect.
10. Great for the eyes
The majority of the algae they have a high content of vitamin a. The Nori as much as the carrots and spirulina up to 15 times more. So you help to prevent and relieve vision problems.
11. Keep your skin young
Some algae contain more vitamin e that the wheat germ, which explains its antioxidant power. Others are rich in zinc, which is why they are effective against acne and excess sebum.
12. Maintain healthy bones
Thanks to its high calcium content. Spirulina is especially rich in this mineral.
13. Protect the skin from Ultraviolet rays of the sun
For its high content of carotenes or beta carotene, which promote the production of melanin and maintain healthy skin.

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