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Back ache

The Human Body – the Best Doctor in the World.

The word ´doctor´ here refers to the one on call inside our body.

He works 24 hours a day to keep us healthy. When we catch a cold, he creates a river of mucus to carry the bacteria out of our body. When our cold settles in our chest and our lungs get congested, he makes us cough in order to rid our lungs of the congestion. When we get a fever, it is an indication that he is fighting off the infection. If we eat something that does not agree with our body, our doctor makes us vomit to rid our body of the culprit.

When our doctor senses abnormal cells, he immediately begins to encapsulate the suspected cells and form a tumor. Even when a tiny splinter is detected, in less than a few hours, our doctor forces it out. As we sleep, our doctor continues to work, cleansing our body and getting us ready to fight another day.

If you want to keep your doctor in tip-top condition, give him plenty of water, fresh fruits, vegetables, proper nutrition and exercise. Remember, your doctor has to work harder than ever these days. We must give him all the help he needs to keep us healthy. (If you think about it, this is the only doctor in the world who can actually cure you)

The following testimonials are taken from DXN’s News letters, Internet articles and DXN’s organized meetings. I am not a doctor and the advice below does not replace professional medical treatment in any way. But it can be worth a good try. I am along with my family taking DXN’s RG & GL (contains 100% Reishi Ganoderma) daily to maintain good health and found useful. Please note that Ganotherapy differs person to person depends up on their body composition and toxins deposited in the body.

Ganoderma does not have any side effects, however after using the product you might experience a reaction for a while. This is good sign and it means, the product is removing toxins from your body that are settled. After a few days, these reactions will diminish. For instance, if you suffer from Migraine headaches, your headache might even worse for a few days, but then it will disappear. If the reaction gets too severe, cut your doses in to half for a few days.

Ganoderma does not cure any disease by itself, but it builds up your immune system and restores the body functions. Your body, when in good shape is the best doctor and can fight off any disease. 

The interesting factor is that RG/GL pairs are used here for all the diseases/ailments. This RG/GL is taken for all the diseases since they contain 100% Reishi Ganoderma which works on cell level. When cell is corrected, the organ, composition of cells is corrected and hence whole body, composition of organs is corrected. Some are using Ganozhi (tooth paste), Lingzhi Coffee, Cocozhi (health drink ) as a support which also contain (15-28 %) Reishi Ganoderma.

The scientific data accumulated over the past 30 years help explain why Reishi Ganoderma is effective in all the parts of our body :
Back ache
1)  HENRI PIPPER, Thousand Oaks, California – Disease : Lower backache, canker sores, bursitis,  enlarged prostates. I live partly in Indonesia and because of my age I contracted a lot of these “Old Age Diseases”. One day a lady in Indonesia came to me and asked me if I wanted to become a distributor for the DXN company. Having some experience with the MLM business in the US, I declined the offer, however just to do her a favor, I bought a small set of the RG and GL capsules. I took a pair of the capsules every morning as soon as I woke up, just to see if it would do “anything” to me. I was a skeptic when it came to herbs, because when I was in the US, for about a year I went every week to an acupuncture clinic for my back pain and also with it took a lot of herbal remedies. Sometimes the pain disappeared for a while, however it always came back. My doctor told me that the only thing to operate on my back. (with some risk involved). After taking the pills for about two weeks I noticed that I could sleep better, because my back pain didn’t wake me up anymore. It was still there, however much less severe. My first thought was: oh, just a coincidence, but from that time on the pain became less and less. For the last twenty years or so I always had canker sores in the worst way. The pain was so bad, that sometimes I couldn’t eat for several days. These canker sores were part of my life; any remedy I took for it was strictly temporary. I am using the Ganoderma now for about eight months and since day one, I never had these sores again. I must confess however, that sometimes during the first four months, I got some blisters in my mouth, but by applying the RG powder (from the RG capsule) on the blister, it usually disappeared within two days, but without any significant pain. For the last three months I never got any of these blisters again, no matter what I eat. I used to get it immediately after eating or drinking citrus products or by eating pineapple. Before taking the Ganoderma, I used to go to the bathroom about five times a night to urinate. Now, I go only before I go to bed and in the morning as soon as I get up. This is also a result of using this product I didn’t even mention the other problems I had: a bad knee, some arthritis in my elbow and right hand and stamina. Today I feel like a completely different person, I feel like I am 20 years younger and now I can do things again that I was unable to do before. 


MY CONDITION TODAY: No more canker sores, no bursitis, no knee pain, no more arthritis pain, smaller prostates. I still have a very slight back pain (about 5%), but only in the morning, however to a point where I can live with it. I THANK GOD THAT I RUN INTO THIS PRODUCT.

Excerpt from PubMed


Ganoderma lucidum (Lingzhi or Reishi) is known as a bitter mushroom with remarkable health benefits. The active constituents found in mushrooms include polysaccharides, dietary fibers, oligosaccharides, triterpenoids, peptides and proteins, alcohols and phenols, mineral elements (such as zinc, copper, iodine, selenium, and iron), vitamins, and amino acids. The bioactive components found in the G. lucidummushroom have numerous health properties to treat diseased conditions such as hepatopathy, chronic hepatitis, nephritis, hypertension, hyperlipemia, arthritis, neurasthenia, insomnia, bronchitis, asthma, gastric ulcers, atherosclerosis, leukopenia, diabetes, anorexia, and cancer. In spite of the voluminous literature available, G. lucidum is used mostly as an immune enhancer and a health supplement, not therapeutically. This review discusses the therapeutic potential of G. luidum to attract the scientific community to consider its therapeutic application where it can be worth pursuing.

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