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Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Ganoderma

The Human Body - the Best Doctor in the World.

The word ´doctor´ here refers to the one on call inside our body.

He works 24 hours a day to keep us healthy. When we catch a cold, he creates a river of mucus to carry the bacteria out of our body. When our cold settles in our chest and our lungs get congested, he makes us cough in order to rid our lungs of the congestion. When we get a fever, it is an indication that he is fighting off the infection. If we eat something that does not agree with our body, our doctor makes us vomit to rid our body of the culprit. 

When our doctor senses abnormal cells, he immediately begins to encapsulate the suspected cells and form a tumor. Even when a tiny splinter is detected, in less than a few hours, our doctor forces it out. As we sleep, our doctor continues to work, cleansing our body and getting us ready to fight another day. 

If you want to keep your doctor in tip-top condition, give him plenty of water, fresh fruits, vegetables, proper nutrition and exercise. Remember, your doctor has to work harder than ever these days. We must give him all the help he needs to keep us healthy. (If you think about it, this is the only doctor in the world who can actually cure you)

The following testimonials are taken from DXN's News letters, Internet articles and DXN's organized meetings. I am not a doctor and the advice below does not replace professional medical treatment in any way. But it can be worth a good try. I am along with my family taking DXN's RG & GL (contains 100% Reishi Ganoderma) daily to maintain good health and found useful. Please note that Ganotherapy differs person to person depends up on their body composition and toxins deposited in the body.

Ganoderma does not have any side effects, however after using the product you might experience a reaction for a while. This is good sign and it means, the product is removing toxins from your body that are settled. After a few days, these reactions will diminish. For instance, if you suffer from Migraine headaches, your headache might even worse for a few days, but then it will disappear. If the reaction gets too severe, cut your doses in to half for a few days.

Ganoderma does not cure any disease by itself, but it builds up your immune system and restores the body functions. Your body, when in good shape is the best doctor and can fight off any disease. 

The interesting factor is that RG/GL pairs are used here for all the diseases/ailments. This RG/GL is taken for all the diseases since they contain 100% Reishi Ganoderma which works on cell level. When cell is corrected, the organ, composition of cells is corrected and hence whole body, composition of organs is corrected. Some are using Ganozhi (tooth paste), Lingzhi Coffee, Cocozhi (health drink ) as a support which also contain (15-28 %) Reishi Ganoderma.

The scientific data accumulated over the past 30 years help explain why Reishi Ganoderma is effective in all the parts of our body : 
Irritable Bowel Syndrome
1)Carole kept losing weight and was down from 50 kg to 44 kg. 
For 10 years or more, she could not eat any food of any kind with wheat, gluten, dairy, etc or any fruits that would not make her bowel upset and make her go to the toilet. She was getting very sick and very weak and the next step was to admit her to hospital. Carole has spent hundreds of dollars on medications and has seen many doctors, specialists, hospitals and naturopaths and tried "miracle diets" and no one could help her.
Carole came across these natural Ganoderma products with a lot of praying, as there was nowhere else to go. These natural Ganoderma products have helped Carole to recover from severe Irritable Bowel Syndrome and being so passionate about this cure, we would love to help others to also return to good health and enjoy food once again.
Carole eating once again cakes, pastries, dairy, wheat, foods with gluten, salads, nuts, vegetables, fruit and we also now go out to restaurants and cafes without having to find and sit near the toilets first. Carole once again has energy, sleeps peacefully through the night as her IBS used to keep her awake with pain, and she is back to 48kg again and our friends say she looks great. She still can't eat too much garlic or lots of hot spices or lettuce (she eats bok choy instead of too much lettuce as this is too hard to digest unless boiled) but we do also once again go to her favourite ice cream shop and she doesn’t have to run to the toilet with Irritable Bowel any more.

1) Mr. Ch.P.B. Chowdary - (Irritable bowel syndrome, Manic depressive psychosis) - Suffering from 1980 - Obstinate constipation. Unbearable abdominal pain undergone gastroscopy, colonoscopy tests. Reports reveal that that there was inflammation of intestines and nothing could be traced out. I used to suffer unbearable pain i stomach and I was feeling at that time, it is better to die immediately instead of living long with this great pain. With the advice of my good friend Mr.K. Papa Rao of Tanuku , I started taking RG & GL. 25.12.2002 to 31.03.2003 RG/GL 2 pairs thrice a day. Found relief from abdominal pain and constipation. psychiatric problem also relieved some extent. From 01.04.2003 onwards, I increased dosage RG 6, GL 10 daily. Besides, I am taking Morinzhi tonic twice a day, 2 in 1 coffee twice a day. DXN Tea twice a day (black tea with 2 drops of lemon juice). Both abdominal and psychiatric ailments are relieved by 90%, I am still continuing the above dosage.

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