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DXN Massive Online Networking Group

One World One Market One Dragon

DXN Massive Online Networking Group

DXN Business Opportunity


Features of DXN Marketing Plan

* Global Plan - One World One Market, One Global Network
* Energy Saving Plan- With upward compression mechanism
* Low Pressure, High Reward - Low maintenance, high % of bonus payout
* Enjoy Worldwide Profit Sharing And Overriding - International profit sharing, Leadership Bonus etc

* Reward For Depth Expansion - Overriding bonus not limited to 5 generations
* Better Reward For Width Expansion - Overriding % proportional to number of qualified lines
* Flexible Network- Reward for both width and depth expansion
* Fair Plan - Downline can overtake upline after they breakaway
* Low Breakaway Target- Easily promoted and breakway from upline
* Achievable Plan - Low target for promotion, low monthly maintenance for bonus
* Retirement Plan- For high rank distributor, qualification PV can be borrowed
* Win Win Plan - When downline promoted, upline will get better reward with higher %.
* Combination Of static & Dynamic Plan - No drop in % for Distributor (6% - 21%); for SA and above, they are able to get higher % for better performance
* 14 Ranks For Promotion - More recognition for distributors
* Two Travel Seminar Incentives For Different Categories Of Qualifier - Taking care of both higher and lower level distributors

* Source: Malaysian Marketing Plan. Please refer to respective branch or website for marketing plan of other countries/regions.


Status                                                                                    Conditions

Distributor                                           - Age 18 years and a sponsor
Star Agent (SA)                               - Achieves accumulated Group Sales of 45,000GPV
Star Ruby (SR)                                - Sponsors 3 First Generation Star Agents (SA)
Star Diamond (SD)                         - With 6 First Generation Star Agents (SA) & qualifies for 37% Star Group Bonus.
Executive Star Diamond (ESD)        - Star Diamond who sponsors 1 Star Diamonds*
Senior Star Diamond (SSD)              - Star Diamond who sponsors 2 Star Diamonds*
Executive Senior Star Diamond (ESSD)        - Star Diamond who sponsors 3 Star Diamonds*
Double Diamond (DD)                          - Star Diamond who sponsors 4 Star Diamonds*
Executive Double Diamond (EDD)     - Star Diamond who sponsors 5 Star Diamonds*
Triple Diamond (TD)                             - Star Diamond who sponsors 6 Star Diamonds*
Executive Triple Diamond (ETD)       - Star Diamond who sponsors 7 Star Diamonds*
Gold Diamond (GD)                             - Star Diamond who sponsors 8 Star Diamonds*
Executive Gold Diamond (EGD)        - Star Diamond who sponsors 9 Star Diamonds*
Crown Diamond (CD)                          - Star Diamond who sponsors 10 Star Diamonds*
Executive Crown Diamond (ECD)          - Star Diamond who sponsors 11 Star Diamonds*
Senior Crown Diamond (SCD)            - Star Diamond who sponsors 12 Star Diamonds*
Executive Senior Crown Diamond (ESCD)      - Star Diamond who sponsors 13 Star Diamonds*
Double Crown Diamond (DCD)          - Star Diamond who sponsors 14 Star Diamonds*
Executive Double Crown Diamond (EDCD)      - Star Diamond who sponsors 15 Star Diamonds*
Triple Crown Diamond (TCD)            - Star Diamond who sponsors 16 Star Diamonds*
Executive Triple Crown Diamond (ETCD)         - Star Diamond who sponsors 17 Star Diamonds*
Gold Crown Diamond (GCD)               - Star Diamond who sponsors 18 Star Diamonds*
Executive Gold Crown Diamond (EGCD)     - Star Diamond who sponsors 19 Star Diamonds*
Crown Ambassador (CA)         - Star Diamond who sponsors 20 Star Diamonds*

* Source: Malaysian Marketing Plan. Please refer to respective branch or website for marketing plan of other countries/regions.


1. You´re the Boss

Doing the MLM, you have your own time and financial freedom. You control everything from the moment you wake-up, you eat, you dress up and the way you communicate with other people. No one can blame you if you made a mistake because you are working for your self not for the company.If you’re an employee, your working hard for the money, you don’t have time and financial freedom. And at the end of the day, your Boss is the one controlling your life. Why? Because he/she are paying your salary. So anything they want for you to work on, you need to follow what ever it takes because he/she is your Boss.

2. Identify The Small Money & Big Money

Yes that’s right! Doing MLM, you will know the difference between the small money and the BIG MONEY!Let me give you an example if you are an Employee.Here is your Dream: (House and Lot: 1.5 Million, Car: 1.5 Million, Savings: 2 Million)Savings Per Month: = P10,000.00 x 12 Months
Savings in 1 Year: = P120,000.00
Your Age Today: = Ex. 25 yrs oldIf you can save P10,000.00 every month starting today, it means that you have a P120,000.00 Savings in 1 Year. But my questions is, can you save that amount every month? Let’s continue.Savings Per 1 Year: = P120,000.00 x 10 years
Savings in 10 Years: = P1.2 Million
Your Age Today: = 35 yrs oldIt means if you are employee, you need to work hard for 10 years of your life and must save P10,000.00 per month so you can have a P1.2 Million at the age of 35 years old. It is good? It sucks right! How can you afford all of your dreams above?Let me give you an example if you are an MLM Businessman.Here is your Dream: (House and Lot: 1.5 Million, Car: 1.5 Million, Savings: 2 Million)Savings Per Month:  = P100,000.00 x 12 Months
Savings in 1 Year:    = P1.2 Million
Your Age Today:       = Ex. 25 yrs oldDoing MLM Business you can save P1.2 Million in just one year at your age today. Now Let’s continue.Savings Per 1 Year: = P1.2 Million x 10 years
Savings in 10 Years: = P12 Million
Your Age Today: = 35 yrs oldLook at the difference, all of your Dreams can be granted in a short-period of time when you are doing MLM Business, something that being an employee can’t afford. If your an MLM Businessman, your money is getting Bigger and Bigger. While if you are an employee, your Salary is always Fixed.Let me explain more this for you.Ordinary Employee Salary:                       = PHP10,000.00 / month
LESS:  Income Tax Return:                           = PHP   1,000.00
SSS, Pag-Ibig, Philhealth:                = PHP   1,000.00
Food per day: P100.00 x 30 days   = PHP   3,000.00
Fare per day: P100.00 x 30 days    = PHP   3,000.00
Mobile load per week: P500/month = PHP      500.00Your Net Salary is: = P1,500.00 / 2 (15th & 30)
Your Real Salary: = P750.00 (This is your real salary per month)How about your monthly house rent fee? Are you going to sleep at the park?That’s the reasons why you can’t save some money for yourself because your expenses are high enough compared to your salary. Oh boy!I think it’s not worth it for you, you are worth more than that! your worth a millions my friend!Why?
Because you spent 2 years in Kindergarten, 6 years in Elementary, 4 years in High School and 4 years in College. 16 years of your life in school but you are earning less compared to the expenses that your parents spent in your education.Is that worth enough for you? You don’t deserved that! Now let’s proceed.

3. Law of Leverage / Multiplying your TIME through others

Most businessman of today like Henry Sy (SM Supermalls), Lucio Tan (Fortune Tobacco), Manny V. Pangilinan (TV5, Smart Telecom, PLDT etc.), Tony Tan Caktiong (Jollibee) and many more are using Law of Leverage that’s why they are super rich.During your school days, our teacher told about the Simple Machines right? Can you still remember that? They are Levers, Pulleys, The Wheel and Axle, The Inclined Plane, The Wedgeand The Screw.For short, Simple Machine helps us reduce human effort. That’s the Law of Leverage in the Business.If we apply the Law of Leverage in Employment, if you’re always absent (No Work, No Pay) and your Boss can fire you anytime. Compared to MLM, even-though you are absent, you’re money still keep on flowing to you.Let me give you a clear example of Law of Leverage.
Example. Furtune Tobacco of Lucio Tan.Population in the Philippine: 90 Million
Cigarette Smoker: Let’s say 2 Million people
Price per stick: P2.00
Length per stick: 2 minutesImagine that? In every 2 minutes you used his cigarettes, Lucio Tan has P4,000.000.00. That’s the Power of Leverage, which apply in Multi-Level Marketing or MLM.In DXN MLM Business, You Can Do Apply LAW OF LEVERAGE,

4. Copy Business

Yes, this is a copy business only. You just follow what successful MLM Business people did. You don’t need to be too smart on this business, you just need to follow the system. For short, Earn while you Learn.

5. Achieve Financial & Time Freedom

 If your an Employee and you are earning something P120,000.00 per month, do you think you can have Financial and Time Freedom? If your answer is Yes, well my answer is No!Why?
Because the moment your company fired you or they closed their business, your P120,000.00 is gone! Now you will start again from the basic which is to re-apply again in another company. Now, how can you find Financial and Time Freedom if your working for the company and not working for yourself?In DXN MLM, you will start with big effort, but when times goes on and on and on, your TIME is getting smaller and smaller but you are earning is Bigger and Bigger!

6. Wave of the Future

Someday time will come, all of the Filipino will be doing Multi-Level Marketing Business. La Salle has already a Network Marketing Subject which is soon can be an individual School Course. Why would you wait for that time if you can start doing it now!I’m gonna tell you something, specially to those who are young like 18 years old, better do DXN MLM Business today so you can have a better future, time freedom and financial freedom. Because if I am at your age, maybe at age of 30 or 40 years old I am Millionaire.

Health & Wellness Industry – Join Now!

     ➜ Today, ‘Health & Wellness’ Industry is among the fastest growing industries in the World
➜ Consumer Awareness of Health requirements is very good
➜ The ‘Consumer willingness to spend’ is continuously on the rise
➜ Demand for Health (& Organic) products is growing at a phenomenal rate
➜ DXN is a well established Company for over 20 years
➜ DXN is a popular brand in the Wellness industry
➜ Winner of many International Awards & Certifications
➜ There is a strong Good-will & Comfortable Market Presence

Uniqueness & Specialties

      ➜ A rare opportunity to achieve ‘Health & Wealth’ from a single source
➜ ‘One World-One Market’: Single Registration adequate for all Countries
➜ Do Multi-National Business from any country of location
➜ Low Investment; High Rewards; High Growth possibilities
➜ No Financial Risk; Low Business Stress
➜ Long Term Business opportunity; Life-time Income Benefits
➜ Comfortable (and easy to adapt) business Systems
➜ Simple Methods and Normal business Skills

If you have the Time and Inclination, we open this great opportunity!

Why Coffee-Business?

 The Industry – Consumption Facts Coffee is the second largest commodity in the world. Coffee is second only to oil in world trade employing more than 25 million people in the industry. Coffee is the most popular drink worldwide with 1.4 billion cups consumed every day. Coffee grows in more than 50 countries and is the second largest export in the world after oil (in dollar value).
- 2.4 billion pounds of coffee are sold per year in the United States, representing 1/3 of all coffee exported.
- The USA is the world’s largest consumer of coffee.
- Coffee is the world’s most popular stimulant: 4 out of 5 Americans drink it, consuming more than 400 million cups a day.
- The average American adult consumes over 10 lbs. of coffee per year. 75% of all the caffeine consumed in the U.S. comes from coffee 57% of all coffee is consumed at breakfast.
- More than half of the United States population consumes coffee typically drinking 3.4 cups of coffee a day.
- Canadians drink over 15 billion cups of coffee a year, making coffee Canada’s favorite hot beverage.
- Last year in Britain, £623 million was spent on coffee. Britain consumes 500g of coffee per person per year.
- Australians consume 60% more coffee than tea, a six-fold increase since 1940.
- Scandinavia has the world’s highest per capita annual coffee consumption, 26.4 pounds.
DXN COFFEE – A Healthy Alternative World’s First Healthy Coffee: A brilliant delivery method combining Ganoderma Lucidum with rich coffee. A proprietary standardized extract of six rare strains of precious Ganoderma Lucidum. Over 2,000 years of documented history validating that Ganoderma Lucidum is the “Miraculous King of Herbs.” Some 400,000 pages documenting extensive interest in Ganoderma Lucidum today. Flavored to perfection. Priced competitively—200% below market price per cup.

DXN Philippines Awards and Affiliations:

- DSAP and HADSAP Member
– Most Outstanding Multi-Level Marketing Company of the Year (2005)
– 2006 Top Family Product and Service Award
– The Most Excellent Health and Wellness Networking Company
– Most Excellent Herbal Coffee Brand
– Top Innovative Marketing Company of the year (2004)
– DXN brushes elbows with multi-nationals in top taxpayer awards
– Most Outstanding Innovative Water Purifier (2005)
– DXN’s Spirulina Candy received the “Most Outstanding Herbal Candy” award (2005 Philippine Business Achiever Award) and (The Philippine Marketing Excellence Awards 2005)
-DXN catches eyes of “honesty” awards organization (Keris Award 2004)
(23rd Annual National Quality & People’s Choice Awards)
(23rd Annual National Quality & People’s Choice Awards)
– Most Outstanding MLM Company
(2003 Consumers’ Choice Dangal ng Pilipinas Annual Awards)

The Benefits of a DXN Member:

  • Lifetime membership (one-time) no renewal
  • International Sponsoring
  • Residual Income
  • Generous Compensation Plan
  • No time frame in achieving Position
  • Cell phone Incentive (one time)
  • Travel Incentive (one time)
  • Inheritance – Transferable membership

Three Methods that Generate Income at DXN:

  • Usage Business – Being a DXN Wise Consumer you will enjoy the benefits of good and healthy products and a lifetime discounts from 15% to 25%. You will earn points every time you purchase DXN items for personal use and those points earned are subject for cash rebates.
  • Recommendation Business (Extra Income) – By endorsing the products to people (consumers/customers) you will earn a retail profits from 15% to 25% of every product purchased including its points value.
  • Invitation Business (Career Opportunity) – Invite your friends, friends of friends. Teach them how to become DXN Wise Consumer Members. When they become DXN members, you will earn commission from all the items they purchased from DXN grocery stores world wide.

How can I earn in DXN?

A. if you are a member of dxn you can earn 15-25percent outright income! If you like     to sell.

“WHAT IF I DON’T LIKE TO SELL?” you can still earn———————————–B. just change some of your monthly groceries like coffee, vitamins,  toothpaste, soap, candy, juice, lotion etc…all products has its corresponding points, the points is being converted to cash from 6% to 37%! All you have to do is to used a total of 1000points in a monthFor example:3in1 lingzhi = 118 point
Toothpaste = 85 points
Soap = 90 points
Candy = 75points
Reishi gano(detoxifier) = 170points
Ganocelium(body balancer) =170points
Shampoo =120points
Aloe vera lotion =120points
Baby Powder =72points
Total points 1020 points

Lets say that you only earn 37%

So you earn Php370 from your personal use!


————————————–C.DXN has a proven and effective NETWORK MARKETING System!You invite refer people to do the same as I explain
And you will earn referral fee ranging 3% – 31% of there monthly grocery
And you will also earn to their referral up to infinity level!————————————–D.That’s not all DXN is giving incentives like CELLPHONE (worth Php12,500 cash), INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL or convertable to cash travel(worth Php 100,000cash),Monthly PROFIT SHARING(2% world wide sales ), and most of all your INCOME is transferable!

How to Become A Star Diamond in 11 Months?

How to become a Star Diamond within 11 months & Earn Php176,708.00?

DXN is a simple business all you have to do is play with numbers, take action and do it consistently.

How this system works?

1.All you have to do is to consume or retail 6 sachet of lingzhi coffee 21grms. per day. This will help you maintain 1000 PV to get a commission.

6sachet x 30days = 180 sachet = 9 bags of lingzhi coffee

9bags x 118PV = 1062PV

2.Sponsor just one person every month & teach them to do the same for the next 11 months.

Where to get your prospects?

-look at your cellphone contacts
-your friends
-your family
-social network like Facebook, twitter and etc.,
-ask for referrals

and you can see the progress from the image below. That’s how simple it is, just enjoy sharing DXN business.


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